Reviews of the Cowboy Church

"Absolutely fell in love with this church!!! Pastor Joe and the fellow members are amazing. He reads the scriptures word for word and makes it simple put with complete understanding. Never boring! He speaks with such knowledge and enthusiasm that I can't wait for Sunday morning. It's like I'm in school again excitedly waiting for story time to begin. And what a wonderful teacher he is! This place is home...I felt it the first moment I walked in the door. The Holy Spirit is strongly felt here. So amazing! Don't hesitate any longer. The time is now for change and what a wonderful place to begin or continue your journey with God and our Savior Jesus Christ." - Jennifer Flesner

"I really like the way Pastor Joe's sermons are taken directly from the Bible. The music is very uplifting and happy." - Marie Reilley

"Today was my first time there!!!!! I just loved it. WHY didn't I check this out sooner? Felt very welcome. I will definitely keep going!" - Rhonda Erickson

"Just walking through the front doors of the Cowboy Church removes any stress from my mind. Being in the church brings peace, love, and good friends in Christ. Pastor Joe has sermons you can relate to in your life, which in turn helps guide you to a better understanding of how to keep Christ in your heart and life." - Trudy Blake

"The best part about the Cowboy Church are the sermons, the music, the people, and the Bible studies." - Tracy O'Reilley

"It was very homey and welcoming!" - YZ (guest)

"Everyone is always so friendly! You always feel very welcome. Great messages by Pastor Joe. You feel right at home!" - A regular attender

"I love the way I feel being a part of the worship team and a part of the fellowship. 'Come as you are, leave changed'!" - Deidre Fish

"Amazing! Coming back with more people!" - CR (guest)