Cowboy Core Values

The American cowboy lives by and upholds seven core ‘cowboy’ values: courage, optimism, self-reliance, authenticity, honor, duty, and heart.
    1. Courage means that you do what is right even if others suggest you should not.

    2.  Optimism is a mindset that things are more likely to go well than go badly and that by thinking this way you will make it true.

    3.  Self-reliance is not just doing things solo, but instead it means being responsible and getting the job done.

    4.  Authenticity means being yourself and not just following the herd. If you are different, celebrate your differences.

    5.  Honor is telling the truth, meeting your commitments, and not backing down when others tempt you to do otherwise.

    6.  Duty is similar to honor, but it is the expected behavior that comes with the job — if your job is to ride the point (i.e. to lead the herd), then do your job well and do it with pride.

    7.  Heart is both passion for living and empathy for others.

Little has changed since the mid to late 19th century and all seven values apply still today.

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