The Cowboy Church

Where faith comes to life, country style!

About Us

Come as you are and leave changed...
People often say “the Cowboy Church is the warmest, most welcoming church they’ve ever attended.”  It’s a relaxed, “come as you are” atmosphere where you’ll feel right at home. 
Best of all, It’s a place where you can connect with a group of people who love Jesus and love one another and will encourage and support you in good times and bad. 
We want to grow in our knowledge of Christ while sharing His message of love, grace and forgiveness that will change your life.
Everyone is welcome to come and live your faith out here at the Cowboy Church!    
Blessings, Pastor Joe

Our Vision

We are a Christian, non-denominational, bible-based country church with a distinct western style that appeals to both country and city folks alike.  The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, with the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ preached in a simple, straightforward manner that can be applied to real life. 

Our Purpose

To Worship Him:
Develop a personal relationship with Him through prayer and knowledge of His Word.
To Walk with Him: 
Mature in your relationship with Him and His church through small group participation, service to others and believers’ baptism.
To Welcome Others to Him:  
Reach out in the community and the world to tell others about Him.
Whether you want to just hear the gospel, seek to know Jesus better, or are a Christian that is spiritually mature, this Church will guide you and will allow you to continue to grow in love, faith and acts of service to:
Change your Life - Change Your Behavior - To Become More Like Christ each day.

What to Expect

Our Sunday service begins at 10:00 a.m. sharp with the clamoring of a farm triangle and ends 60-70 minutes later with a rousing rendition of “Happy Trails”
Attire is casual and whatever feels comfortable.  You’ll see lots of cowboy hats, baseball caps, boots, western wear, t-shirts and tennis shoes – but not too many three-piece suits!
Arrive early and visit our General Store with Christian gifts, men’s and women’s attire, and accessories.  Or, treat yourself to some free coffee and treats from our incredible Chuckwagon Bakers!
The third Sunday of every month we observe communion - the Lord’s supper, memorializing the death of Christ in anticipation of His second coming. 
This Service is followed by a Hungry Cowboy Meal which serves a gourmet 3-4 course meal with love and great fellowship!  We have a recommended donation or pay-as-you-can.

We want to grow in our knowledge of Christ while sharing His message of love, grace, and forgiveness in our daily lives.

Our Messages

At the Cowboy Church, you'll hear messages that are relevant and can be applied to your life. Each Sunday, Pastor Joe presents a straightforward, plain-speaking approach to teaching the Gospel - and he does so with passion.
James 1:22 says, "Be doers of the word and not hearers only." For this reason, our Bible-based messages are not just intended to provide you with head-knowledge, but to equip you into becoming a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ, as evidenced by you:
  • Growing in the knowledge of God's Word,
  • Developing an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ,
  • Being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit,
  • Identifying your unique spiritual gifts,
  • Serving others in the Kingdom of God.

How We Worship

We love to celebrate our salvation in Jesus Christ through Spirit-led music. Our seven-to-eight piece worship band leads us each week with a blend of traditional hymns and modern praise music - always done with a country flair that you can sing along to.
At the Cowboy Church, you won't be distracted by fog machines, fancy light shows, or other special effects. We believe in keeping things simple, and allowing the Godly messages contained in our music to bless people's hearts. 

How We Grow

In addition to Sunday morning fellowship, the best way to connect with others at the Cowboy Church is to join one of our Thursday Bible Studies. 
Our Thursday Bible Studies are facilitator-led small groups of eight to 10 people who study God's Word together, and share how it applies  to their lives. Learn more on the  Thursday Bible Studies page.  

How We Pray

Prayer is an integral part of the Cowboy Church. In addition to praying corporately during our Sunday worship service, we have members of our Prayer Team available to a pray with guests one-on-one. Prayer requests submitted to the church are immediately forwarded to our team of prayer warriors, who diligently pray over every request. 
We so appreciate you taking the time to learn about us!