Transformation Sunday Radio

Transformation Sunday

Pastor Joe's "Transformation Sunday" radio program airs Sunday mornings at 8:00a.m. on BOB FM 106.1.

Where you will learn about the power to change through God’s word, with His plan to transform you, to radically change you to become like His Son Jesus in your character and behavior preparing you to spend eternity with Him in heaven and being a witness to those around you that God is real.

MP3 recordings of each episode are uploaded to this page approximately one week following its original air date. The episodes are listed top to bottom from most recent to oldest. 

To listen to any of the episodes below, click the MP3 of the episode you wish to hear. 

September 2021
  • 9/05/2021: "Stilling The Storm" MP3
  • 9/12/2021:  Repeat of: "Stilling The Storm" MP3
  • 9/19/2021: "Helping Others Like Jesus" MP3
  • 9/26/2021: "Designed By God" MP3
August 2021
  • 8/01/2021: "Only He Can Take Away our Hurts" MP3
  • 8/08/2021: "The Power is in the Bible" MP3
  • 8/15/2021: "The Unfairness of Life" MP3
  • 8/22/2021: "Is The Holy Spirit Living Within You" MP3
  • 8/29/2021: " The Power of Encouragement" MP3
July 2021:
  • 7/04/2021: "Succeeding in Life" MP3
  • 7/11/2021: "What it Takes to Really Change" MP3
  • 7/18/2021: " How do You Rate Your Communication Skills" MP3
  • 7/25/2021: "Be Angry, But Don't Sin" MP3
June 2021:
  • 6/06/2021: "Restoring Your Passion" MP3
  • 6/13/2021: " Being Faithful in a Faithless World" MP3
  • 6/20/2021: "Fruit of the Spirit - Self Control" MP3
  • 6/27/2021: "From Weakness Comes Strength and Courage" MP3
may 2021:
  • 5/02/2021: "Mercy Me" MP3
  • 5/09/2021: "A Remarkable Love" MP3
  • 5/16/2021: "Defeating Discouragement" MP3
  • 5/23/2021: "The Power of Patience" MP3
  • 5/30/2021: "The Secret to Contentment and Thankfulness" MP3
April 2021:
  • 4/25/21: "How to Maintain Your Joy" MP3
  • 4/18/21: "Checking Your Heart from the Inside Out" MP3
  • 4/11/21: "Living A Life Of Integrity" MP3
  • 4/04/21: "Easter, The Day Of Forgiveness" MP3
MARCH 2021:
  • 3/28/21: "Jesus Is Arriving Today" MP3
  • 3/21/21: "Mistakes to Avoid" (Re-Broadcasted)
  • 3/14/21: "Mistakes to Avoid" (Re-Broadcasted)
  • 3/07/21: "Mistakes to Avoid" MP3 MP3
  • 2/28/21: "Re-Energize Your Life by Refocusing Your Priorities" MP3
  • 2/21/21: “How Jesus Handled Stress" MP3
  • 2/14/21: “Leaving a Legacy of Love" MP3
  • 2/07/21: “God has a purpose for each one of us" MP3
  • 1/31/21: “Relationships that really work. MP3
  • 1/24/21: “What About Worship" MP3
  • 1/17/21: “How to Face Your Future"  MP3
  • 1/10/21: “Let Go - Let God" MP3
  • 1/03/21: “Keeping the Crazy Makers from Keeping You Crazy" MP3
  • 12/27/20: “The Right Path in the New Year" MP3
  • 12/20/20: “God's Answers to Our Broken Emotions." MP3
  • 12/13/20: "Now I will show you the Most Excellent Way" MP3
  • 12/6/20: "Learning to Live Daily, with what God has Given" MP3
  • 11/29/20: "How about a Faith Lift" MP3
  • 11/22/20: "Changing Your Heart & Mind" MP3
  • 11/15/20: "Footprints" MP3
  • 11/08/20: "Hope" MP3
  • 11/01/20: "Follow the Light, Not the Darkness" MP3
  • 10/27/20: "What Impresses God" MP3
  • 10/18/20: "What's Love Got to do with it?" MP3
  • 10/11/20: "A Character Reference from God" MP3

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Encore Episodes
  • 1/17/19: Interview with Sherwin Linton - MP3