Our Core Values

  • Acknowledging Fear And Confronting It Head-On
  • Accepting Risk, Change And Failure As Part Of Life
  • Persevering Despite The Odds
  • Standing Up For What We Believe
  • Enduring Hardship And Adversity Without Complaint
  • Being Willing To Make The Tough Choices
  • Faith In The Rightness Of The Natural Order Of Things
  • Confidence In Our Own Abilities
  • Acceptance Of The Blend Of Good And Bad; In The World And In Ourselves
  • Gratitude For The Blessings That Come Our Way
  • Taking Responsibility For Our Own Well-Being
  • Confidence In Our Ability To Learn
  • Making Do With What We Have
  • Doing Our Best And Learning From Mistakes
    Valuing Competence Over Convenience
  • Putting In The Time And Effort It Takes To Master A Skill
  • Finding Satisfaction In Every Accomplishment
  • Understanding One's Self As A Whole Person
  • Satisfaction In Being Who We Are
  • Actions Guided By A Coherent Set Of Core Beliefs
  • Recognizing Our Own Strengths And Weaknesses
  • Saying What We Mean
  • Being Worthy Of Trust
  • Someone Who Can Be Counted On
  • Telling The Truth
  • Keeping Our Word
  • Acting With Integrity; No Matter The Cost
  • Knowing That Just Because It's Legal Doesn't Mean It's Right
  • Actions, Not Words
  • Responsibility To Something Larger Than One's Self
  • A Willingness To Sacrifice Self-Interest
  • Doing What Has To Be Done
  • Respecting Core Values As Absolutes
  • Answering The Call When It Comes
  • Seeing The Good In People
  • Seeing The Beauty In Life
  • Finding Rewards In Giving
  • Recognizing Our Shared Humanity
  • Feeling At One With Nature
  • Kindness To All Living Creatures; Including Ourselves